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designer kate spade s suicide note tells daughter ask - kate spade s suicide note was addressed directly to her 13 year old daughter tmz has learned the note was found on a bed near her body and according to law enforcement sources it read bea, kate spade left suicide note for husband and daughter - the note that designer kate spade left behind after she hanged herself early tuesday had messages for both her husband and 13 year old daughter and was meant to explain her actions a new york, the longest suicide note in history wikipedia - the longest suicide note in history is an epithet originally used by united kingdom labour mp gerald kaufman to describe his party s 1983 general election manifesto which emphasised socialist policies in a more profound manner than previous such documents and which kaufman felt would ensure that the labour party then in opposition would fail to, kurt cobain s suicide note the actual text - this is the actual contents of kurt cobain s suicide note click here to see the actual hand written suicide note to boddah speaking from the tongue of an experienced simpleton who obviously would rather be an emasculated infantile complain ee, virginia woolf s handwritten suicide note a painful and - it seems like a very morbid and inhuman practice to treat the suicide note as a piece of literature even if the author of said note is a writer as famous as virginia woolf and yet why not, a suicide note scp foundation - the above document was found in the office of dr alto clef following the sound of gunshots being reported from the general vicinity when security teams arrived blood matching that of dr clef was found on the wall directly behind his desk along with some brain matter and buckshot embedded in the wall, kate spade suicide note hinted at looming divorce - fashion designer kate spade was found dead at her park avenue condo tuesday after she hanged herself with a scarf she was 55 years old, the very concise suicide note by kodak founder george - in 1932 george eastman the 77 year old entrepreneur who established the eastman kodak company popularized the use of roll film and brought photography to the mainstream found himself in declining health suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis a narrowing of the spinal canal that can lead to considerable back pain and difficulty walking eastman was depressed and increasingly disabled, kate spade reportedly addressed a suicide note to her - a note found near kate spade s body was addressed to the fashion designer s 13 year old daughter frances beatrix spade tmz reported the note reportedly said bea i have always loved you, money a suicide note penguin ink martin amis bert - money a suicide note penguin ink martin amis bert krak on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers one of time s 100 best novels in the english language by the acclaimed author of lionel asbo state of england and london fields part of martin amis s london trilogy, better to be dead youth suicide com - one reason for gay suicide attempts and suicides nicholas jonathan 1998 better to be dead than gay a study of suicidal behaviour in a sample of gay and straight males aged 18 24, aaron hernandez s suicide note to fianc e revealed - aaron hernandez told his fiancee she s rich in the suicide letter he wrote to her before killing himself in his jail cell last, kate spade s husband on suicide note i am appalled - kate spade s husband andy spade has spoken out against media reports about the late designer s suicide note the designer 55 was found dead in her new york city apartment on tuesday later in, home reporting on suicide - suicide is a public health issue media and online coverage of suicide should be informed by using best practices some suicide deaths may be newsworthy, kate spade left suicide note for daughter - the fashion world was jolted tuesday with the news that designer kate spade who made her name with chic handbags died in an apparent suicide at the age of 55 spade was found hanged in the, aaron hernandez s suicide note to fianc e shayanna jenkins - when aaron hernandez was found dead in his prison cell on april 19 2017 after hanging himself authorities also discovered the former nfl star s last words in three handwritten suicide notes in the weeks following hernandez s death a portion of one note addressed to his fianc e shayanna jenkins was released in a legal filing by the prosecution, delilah opens up about son s suicide and heartbreaking - the velvety voice of delilah rene luke is known far and wide for offering life learned advice to her 8 3 million late night listeners but now the popular syndicated romance radio star is the one, national suicide prevention lifeline - the national suicide prevention lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day 7 days a week, delhi mass suicide burari family had been warned of death - delhi mass suicide burari family had been warned of death you might not see next diwali note said the police said that one of the notes found in the registers recovered at the delhi home reportedly talks about wandering souls and how the family may not see the next diwali, top 10 bizarre suicides that will horrify you listverse - suicide is an action that is hard to understand because for most all of our efforts and basic instincts are aimed at preserving and enhancing the lives we live a tragic choice suicide not only ends the lives of those under intense mental and physical strains but it also causes lasting trauma to, help me important information for those contemplating suicide - i am glad you are reading this because if you are it means that at least some part of you believes there is a chance you can be helped i hope you can spare a couple more minutes to read to the end of this page